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Xtreme Wear | Promo Product of the Month – February Edition
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Promo Product of the Month – February Edition

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On a cold winter morning, there is nothing more comforting than a hot cup of coffee. But if you’re anything like us, you don’t have a ton of time to sit down and enjoy a cup before you’ve gotta go, go, go!


Travel mugs are a fact of life for us early-risers and on-the-goers, and it’s important to have the perfect container for your liquid energy. When you have a long morning commute, cold coffee is not acceptable! Xtreme Wear carries lots of different options for your coffee containments needs, but let’s talk about one of the latest trends in travel mugs–ceramic!


Mmm... coffee....

Mmm… coffee….


So let’s talk about that!


The Pros:

Any glass or stainless steel travel mug can hold in heat, but insulation is where ceramic shines. Ceramic is also extremely durable, able to hold up to repeated washings. Most glazed ceramics are dishwasher safe, though if your travel mug has a logo or imprint on it, handwashing is usually recommended.


Are you a business looking to increase awareness of your brand? Coffee mugs are a great way to do that. Did you know that 83% of Americans drink coffee? On average, those people have a tendency to drink up to 3 cups of coffee a day–that’s 587 MILLION cups! At the same time, being eco-friendly is on the rise, and so the styrofoam cups of old have made way for reusable coffee cups. This is why travel mugs are a perfect giveaway item–your customers will get repeated enjoyment from it while helping to get your brand out there. Our coffee cups go everywhere with us–at home, in the car, to the mall, in the office…


The best part? While ceramic keeps your coffee piping hot in the winter, it can also keep your iced lattes cold during the summer!


The Cons:

Let’s take the good with the bad. The problem with glass and ceramic drinkware is the tendency for it to be heavier, as opposed to materials like plastic or stainless steel. Most ceramic travel mugs don’t have handles for this reason–it can’t reasonably support the weight.


If you’re accident prone, you may want to consider sticking to stainless steel. Ceramic, like glass, has a tendency to break when dropped. And once you chip ceramic, you’ll want to find a new mug–ceramic is porous by nature and the dust from the chipped area and get into whatever you’re drinking. You don’t want to ruin that perfect cup of coffee!


Lastly, ceramics cannot be recycled like glass or plastic can.


Our Verdict:

Xtreme Wear gave away ceramic travel mugs for our 2015 Christmas presents for our friends and customers, and the response has been fantastic. We use our mugs every single day!


You can check them out here: 1622-41 Double Wall Ceramic Tumbler.



That’s all folks! Be sure to drop in next month for our next Promo Product Feature! 🙂

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