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Xtreme Wear | Web Stores – About & FAQ
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Web Stores – About & FAQ

Welcome to the Future of Fundraising


Trying to organize an apparel fundraiser for a large team, club, or organization can be a daunting task.


Picking products, handing out order forms and keeping track of incoming orders, dealing with deadlines and late turn-ins, tallying up everyone’s totals at the end of the sale, counting cash and checks, distributing the finished products to the team… It can feel like a full-time job!

With Xtreme Wear’s brand new Web Stores, your next apparel fundraiser will be easy-peasy!

Introducing Web Stores!


Paper order forms are SO yesterday. We’re moving the fundraising process to the web to make it easy to place an order from anywhere.

Check out the benefits of using a Web Store for your next apparel fundraiser:

Everything is Online

Eliminate the hassle and waste of printing paper order forms. Just send your potential customers a link to an easy-to-use e-commerce web store! Customers can conveniently order from their home computer or mobile device.

We'll Tally for You

Submitted orders come directly to Xtreme Wear. We receive a detailed report for each customer, noting the products, colors, size, and quantity. You can choose to be notified via e-mail whenever a customer places an order through your store.

Payment is Easy

Forget about keeping track of totals, counting cash, and fretting about incorrect amounts or bounced checks. With a Web Store, customers pay for their orders securely with a credit or debit card during the checkout process.

Set Deadlines

A countdown clock on the web store main page will tell your customers when the store will close. Deadlines help to reduce stragglers and maximize your fundraising results!

Organized Distribution

Xtreme Wear individually sorts, folds, and bags each person’s order with their name and a packing list, so handing out the finished products to your customers after your sale is a breeze.

Make Money!

This is a fundraiser after all! At the end of your sale, Xtreme Wear will calculate the total amount of profit raised and issue you a check. Now THAT'S something to smile about!

Big or Small, a Store for All


Xtreme Wear can help you get the most out of your fundraising experience, whether you’re a small sports team or a large organization. With tons of customization options like countdown timers, setting fundraising goals, and progress bars, you’ll always have a store that meets the needs of your group.

 Our Fundraising Web Stores come in three different package tiers:


$25 Build Fee

1-6 Products

Up to 3 Garment Colors

$2.00 Upcharge per Item


$75 Build Fee

7-12 Products

Up to 3 Garment Colors

$2.00 Upcharge per Item


$150 Build Fee

13-18 Products

Up to 5 Garment Colors

$2.00 Upcharge per Item

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Web Store right for me?

Web stores make larger fundraisers easy, but it might not be the best fit for every sale. If you have a smaller club/group (less than 25 people), or if you are trying to keep the price per product down, a paper order form might be the better option. Talk to us about the scope of your sale–how many people you’re selling to, how many products, etc., and we can tell you if a web store is the ideal option.

Why do you charge a Build Fee?

Web stores take significantly more time and work to set up and maintain. Not only do we create your web store from scratch, but we also work on processing everyone’s orders and handling payments during the sale, as well as sorting, folding, and individually bagging everyone’s orders after they are decorated.


The Store Build Fee can be paid before the web store is created, otherwise it will be deducted from your profit check at the end of your sale. If your store does not raise adequate funds to cover the Build Fee, you will be responsible for the remainder of the cost.  There is no set-up fee for us to create a paper order form.

Can I have a Web Store and paper order form at the same time?

Because of how we keep track of orders and process payments, we cannot do a paper order form and a web store for the same fundraiser. If your demographic aren’t technologically inclined, doing a paper order form might be easier.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes. Our screen printing and embroidery minimums that apply to regular orders also apply to paper order forms and web stores (for more information, you can visit our general FAQ page).


Screen Printing: The usual minimum for screen printed items is 12 shirts PER INK COLOR in the design (so for example, a black t-shirt with a red and white design would have a 24-piece minimum). These minimums can be met by printing on multiple garment styles and colors. If you are unsure how well your apparel will sell, it is best to use fewer ink colors in the design.


Embroidery: Flat embroidery items (such as polos, jackets, beanies, bags, etc) have a typical minimum of only 3 pieces, while ballcaps have a minimum of 12 pieces.

What if my customers have trouble with the store?

Xtreme Wear is here to help! You can direct your customers to contact us if they have any questions or technical issues where the store is concerned. We can even help them step-by-step through the ordering process if they aren’t computer-savvy.

What if our store does not meet minimums?

It can be disappointing when a fundraiser doesn’t go as well as expected. Xtreme Wear is always willing to work with you to make sure that you (and your customers!) are happy. In a situation where your store undersells, there are two options:


  1. You may choose to place an additional order via the web store to purchase the quantity needed to meet minimums.
  2. You may choose to pay a $75 under minimum fee (per design) and proceed with printing your orders under the required minimums.
Can we add personalization options (Names/Numbers) to our store?

Of course! Names and numbers are perfect for team and spirit wear.


We can add the option of a heat-pressed or embroidered name/number onto most garments. The cost for heat-pressed or embroidered names is $5.00 each (one line of text only). Heat-pressed numbers are $2.50 each (up to 2 digits), while embroidered numbers are $5.00 each (up to 2 digits).

Can we add non-apparel products to the store (such as water bottles)?

We do not decorate specialty products like water bottles in-house. We work with a network of vendors that supply and decorate the products for us. Many of these vendors have strict minimums that must be adhered to (usually above 25 pieces). For this reason, we cannot put specialty products on our web stores. Ask us about other options for selling specialty products!

How do we receive the profit at the end of our sale?

Xtreme Wear will calculate your total profit earned and issue you a check. Typically you’ll receive the check when you pick up/receive your order.

How do I get started with a new Web Store?

Contact us, of course! We will send you an easy-to-complete questionnaire with some basic questions about your needs. In the meantime, our awesome sales team will help you pick out the perfect products to feature on your store. Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we can get to work!


Not Just for Fundraisers


Web stores can also be a great solution for businesses who wish to sell branded apparel to their employees on an on-demand basis.


Corporate Stores don’t need to have a countdown timer and can be accessible indefinitely. Simply choose the apparel you want to offer to your team and allow them to order from the store when they need new work wear!