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Xtreme Wear | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers!


Screen Printing

What are your minimum order requirements?

Our minimums for screen printing depend on the final number of colors in the design. Our standard is typically 12 shirts per ink color used in the design. So for example, a design with white and red ink would require a 24 piece minimum (because 2 ink colors are being used). You can meet minimum orders by mixing and matching styles and colors (10 t-shirts, 10 long-sleeves, and 4 hoodies, and so on). Embroidery minimums are at least 6 pieces, and hats are by even dozens. Minimum order requirements also apply to re-orders. If your minimum was 24 pieces on your initial order, then the minimum to re-print the same design will be 24 pieces.

Why do you have minimum orders?

There is a lot that goes into printing a t-shirt! There is a lot of time and cost involved before the printing even begins–including creating the design, preparing the finished design for printing, ordering the t-shirts from our vendor and having them shipped to us, burning the screens, setting up the press for printing, and then performing test prints to ensure the highest quality imprint. That doesn’t even factor in the manpower it takes to accomplish all this!


Because of the work involved to set up a single order, it is more cost effective for both us and our customers if the price is spread across several t-shirts, rather than a single t-shirt.

What are my payment options?

Payment is easy. We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover). You can pay for your order upon pickup, mail us a check, or conveniently and securely pay over the phone with your credit card.

How will I receive my order?

We can ship via UPS Ground or Residential, or you can pick up your shirts at our warehouse in DuBois. Shipping costs can vary depending on your location. Shipping is free on all in-house orders over $300.

What is your standard turn time?

For projects that require new artwork, our standard turn time is 2 weeks. You will work with our artists within the first week to finalize the design, and your garments will be decorated following design approval.


Re-orders of established designs typically have a turn around time of one week. Turnaround times may vary with occurrences of holidays, etc. Shipping times can also vary depending on your location.

I need my order in a hurry! Do you offer a rush service?

We’ve all been there! Our capability for rush orders is largely dependent on our production schedule. Please speak to a member of our sales team if you have an order you need in a hurry!

What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

At Xtreme Wear, we work very hard to ensure that your order goes smoothly. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your garments, or if there is an error with the order (wrong quantities, spelling errors on the design, etc.), just talk to us! We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.


Please note, Xtreme Wear sends order and design confirmations via e-mail for your reference. It is your responsibility to thoroughly look over these documents to ensure that we’ve picked the correct product, sizes, colors, etc. and that your design uses the proper ink colors and is spelled correctly. Spelling errors can be unfortunate, which is why we ask that you very carefully double check the spelling on all elements of your design. We do not print designs without your written or verbal approval, and we cannot be held responsible for spelling errors if the design we printed matches the design on the approved art proof.

Is there a minimum order for screen printing?

Minimums for screen printing depend on the final number of colors in the design. For every ink color used in the design, there is a 12 piece minimum. So for example, a black shirt with white ink will have a minimum of 12 pieces. A white shirt with blue and black ink will have a 24 piece minimum, etc.


Minimum orders can be comprised of different types of garments and garment colors. So you can meet your 12-piece minimum with 4 t-shirts, 4 hoodies, and 4 long-sleeved tees.

Are there set-up fees?

No! Because of lots of upgrades to our equipment and processes, it takes a lot less time to prep designs for screenprinting. Because of this, we no longer charge screen charges or set-up fees for screen printed designs.


However, there are other fees that can be associated with screen printing. If your design needs different ink colors for different shirts (ie: white ink for black shirts, black ink for white shirts), there is a $10 color change fee per location.

How big can my design be?

Below is a chart of our standard print locations. Keep in mind we can make these placements bigger/smaller (such as a 13″ full front). However, maximum design size is approximately 15 inches wide or tall.


Youth sizes, hoodies, and other garments may have limitations on design size. You will see the design size on the artwork approval you receive.

Can I use multiple shirt colors in my order?

If you are using multiple shirt colors, we recommend they stay within the same color group (lights or darks). Printing white ink might work great on a navy blue shirt, but it won’t look so great on an ash grey or white t-shirt.


As long as we can print the same design/ink colors on the shirts, you can have as many garment colors as you’d like!

Can you print across zippers?

Unfortunately, we cannot print over seams or zippers. The screen printing process we use works best on a perfectly flat surface. Raised edges, like seams and zippers, cause ink to pool in the edges and creates a sloppy overall print. However, alternate decoration methods such as heat-pressed applique are perfect for zippered garments, as each half of the design is applied separately.

Can I put a name/number on my shirt?

Absolutely! We can personalize your t-shirt with heat-pressed vinyl, available in over 10 different colors.


Heat pressed names are $5.00 per name/line. Numbers are $2.50 each (up to 2 digits).

How do I care for a screen printed garment?

Check out Care For Your Wear for tips on how to keep those screen printed designs looking good!



Is there a minimum order for embroidery?

The minimum order for embroidery is 3 pieces. This can be made up of multiple types of garments–polo shirts, jackets, fleece, etc.


Hats, however, have a minimum of 12 pieces.

Are there set-up fees?

We can do simple designs in-house for embroidery (such as basic text). This is a $25 set-up fee. Custom logos and designs, however, need to be digitized–put into a format that our embroidery machines can understand. The cost for any design up to 4″ wide or tall is a flat $50 fee.


Larger designs, such as those for the back of a jacket, are priced accordingly.This is a one-time fee; once a design is digitized, you will not be charged that fee again (unless significant changes are made to the design that would require re-digitizing).

How big can my design be?

A standard left chest design for a polo shirt is 3.75″ wide. The maximum size for an embroidered full-back design (such as for a jacket) is 11″ wide or tall.

Can I embroider my name on a garment?

Absolutely! Cost for personalization on a garment is $5.00.

Can I bring in my own garments for embroidery?

Xtreme Wear no longer accepts or decorates goods that customers supply, for a number of reasons.


Most importantly of these is the risk of damage. Our embroidery machines use needles that are moving fast–about 1200 stitches per minute! If the machine malfunctions, or a needle breaks, your garments can get holes/tears and be rendered unwearable as a result. If it’s a garment we source from one of our vendors, and damage occurs, we typically replace it without the customer ever knowing about it. But in the case customer-supplied goods, if damage occurs, we cannot replace the item or reimburse for the cost of the item. Especially in the case of more expensive items, this risk of damage is very unpalatable to us.


We recommend choosing items from our catalogs–we carry name brands like Nike, Ogio, Carhartt, and more. Ask us if you’re looking for something particular.

How do I care for an embroidered garment?

Check out Care For Your Wear for tips on how to keep your embroidered design looking great.

Can I provide my own artwork?
Absolutely! If you are sending a design to our art department, we prefer the following formats: .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg, or .psd. Please be sure that the resolution on PSD and JPEG files are 150dpi minimum. We prefer 300dpi. You can e-mail the artwork to directly our artists (, or you can bring it to us on a disk or flash drive.


We cannot print copyrighted or licensed logos without permission of the copyright holder.

I need a logo or other design made. Can you help?

All orders include 2 free hours of artwork time. This includes any revisions, etc. If a design takes more than 2 total hours to finalize, or has excessive revisions, there is a $60/hr art charge that will be applied to your order. Standalone artwork that isn’t going to be used on apparel has a $60/hr artwork charge as well.

I'm looking for a new design. Where do I start?

The first step is working with our talented art team! We can go over any ideas you may have, shirt colors, etc. From there, an artist will create your design and send you a proof for your approval. Feel free to ask for any changes you might want to make–we’re happy to make them for you!


We do not decorate any of your garments until you have approved the design.

Got a question not covered here?

Just shoot us an e-mail or give us a call at 800.771.9961